Empowering people through movement & meaningful connections.



We serve people of ALL abilities. 

Our community is created around the pursuit of wellness, respect and inclusion for people with and without intellectual disabilities. 

We provide the space and opportunity for people to explore their full potential while feeling safe and supported in their environment. 

We celebrate people like you for your abilities and what you bring to our community.

We envision a world where people are seen for who they are first no matter the ability.

You're invited to join our inclusive community! It's time to reach for your potential, step into your confidence, and live a healthier and stronger life. 

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The three primary tenants of Thrive Mighty:

  1. We realize and demonstrate Power.

  2. We accept and Include.

  3. We Value ourselves and others.

We are a community built on a foundation of inclusion. We value ourselves and others - we are all humans, first. We have the power to impact our lives and our communities. Thrive Mighty is a crucial part of the
Inclusive Health movement.



Whether you're new to exercise or you're a seasoned pro - we've got options to move your body! Below are a few of the programs we offer.



This class speaks to the warrior within through kettlebell. We focus on proper use of the kettlebell, and it's perfect for anyone from beginner to advanced level! We focus on form, function and effective movements with the tool that's so close to our hearts.


Rust and dust

A circuit style class designed for those who want to carry, push, pull, throw and slam things. Think gladiator-esque training, minus swords and blood, but with the addition of laughter. Benefits include increased strength, muscle, conditioning and confidence! 


Morning coffee

This isn't your average cuppa' joe, my friend. It's an early morning class designed to wake you up and get that bod movin'! We focus on bodyweight movement and challenges to build joint stability and health, increase mobility, lock down our balance, and improve full body awareness, coordination and strength.