Dimensions of Wellness

We believe in Wellness Empowerment 

There are a lot of versions of Wellness out there, but one thing is certain: 

We are more than our physical bodies

Our emotions, friends, the food we eat, where we work: all of this plays into how we feel, the decisions we make, the actions we take, and who we are!

At Thrive Mighty, we actively pursue the goal of wellness of mind, body and spirit.  Sometimes you need to lift heavy things up and put them back down.  Other days you need to learn more about what you eat and drink.  Still other times, the absolute best thing for you is a cup of coffee with a friend.

We've got you covered.

Life is not a static place, and we need to support each other. 

Our community is person first and human centered.  It is our differences that make us strong as a group.

We EMPOWER people of all abilities to take control of their own health, and become who they are meant to be.

We are Thrive Mighty.


Our offerings will reflect the diversity of our clientele, and encompass all parts of wellness - physical, social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, educational, vocational, financial and intellectual health.  We will be offering courses and bringing in specialists to create opportunity to learn in an inclusive setting.

Tentative Examples include:


Everything we do is centered around Academic Wellness!  Decision making, utilizing resources, creating networks and supporting lifelong learning are a major focus at Thrive Mighty.


Thrive Mighty is a friend to the natural environment!  We will work with local organizations to create opportunities for participation in the beautiful Minnesota parks and wilderness!

Working with organizations such as Wilderness Inquiry and organizing outings with Three Rivers Parks District, as well as learning about natural resources, will be crucial to our appreciation and understanding of our world.


Our thoughts and emotions drive many of our decisions.  We are excited to work with organizations like Mad Hatter Wellness, that specialize in coaching and developing our emotional health!  Guided meditation, ability to identify and handle stress in life, and working to be mentally powerful are exciting offerings!


Money is not the root of all evil, but it can be challenging for everyone!  We will be organizing classes and bringing in specialists to help with money basics, as well as budgeting and money management classes and seminars.


At Thrive Mighty, we value curiosity, enthusiasm, passion, creativity, and lifelong learning.  We will be offering Cooking Classes, Sexual Education for all Abilities, Support Staff training, SOfit Unified Wellness courses and several other opportunities for training.


A crucial part of wellness is how we contribute to our communities, often in the form of a job.  Currently in progress, we are working to partner with local job coaching and placement organizations to create a pipeline toward equitable employment for people of all abilities.


We are a gym, (actually... three gyms!) and we have Fitness Programming (examples below) for people of all abilities, ages, and desires.  We recognize the need for self-improvement, and know it takes many forms. One of the most rewarding is becoming stronger and healthier, and more capable of taking care of ourselves and live the lives we want, the way we want to!   


Our bread and butter is community building.  Life is all about the people you choose to have in your network.  At Thrive Mighty, we will hold fundraisers, game nights, relationship and social education courses, team building, and partnerships with Special Olympics Minnesota and other like-minded organizations to further create social opportunities.


We are not one dimensional beings.  We are thrilled to offer guided meditation, mindfulness, and personal exploration workshops going forward, so we leave no stone unturned on our quest to be our best-self.


Fitness Classes and examples

  • Zumba

  • Yoga

  • Kettlebell Warriors

  • Strength Club (Barbell)

  • Boxing

  • Rust and Dust

  • Generations Strong

  • POUND Fit

Small Group Personal Training

  • Group Homes

  • Day Programs

  • Wedding Parties

  • Certification Preparation

  • SOMN Teams

  • Sports Teams

  • SOfit Groups

  • School based programs

Host Facility for:

  • Cooking classes for all abilities

  • Mad Hatter Wellness

    • Sex Education for all abilities

    • Power of Me

    • Guided meditation

    • Relationship/Social Education

  • Support staff trainings (wellness oriented)

  • Judo/Self-defense

  • Dance

  • Music Therapy

  • SOMN Teams

    • Basketball

    • Volleyball

    • Skill Building

    • Young Athletes

    • Powerlifting

  • Special Olympics Minnesota SOfit Groups

  • Wellness Specific Courses

    • *Up and coming WE THRIVE 12 week course*